Women Today Leading Tomorrow

A Symposium on Empowerment for Women

Saturday, February 26, 2022
Women Today Leading Tomorrow (WTLT) is a symposium designed to educate young women about opportunities for representation and leadership of women in all career sectors; empower participants to pursue or continue on a path of leadership in the workplace, marketplace, and community; and encourage a multi-generational commitment to supporting future cohorts.
  • Provide an informative and multi-faceted seminar that promotes candid dialogue about leadership opportunities for women in the public and private sector
  • Provide a platform for young women to explore and pursue opportunities related to continual learning and development for careers or volunteer work across fields where women are underrepresented
  • Unite women and cultivate a “multi-generational” commitment to giving-back while moving forward

Stay tuned for more information about the 2022 event!

Meet Our 2021 Speakers


Development Office

Matt Grunwell
Director of Advancement
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Alyse Johnson
Advancement Associate
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Cathleen Murway
Advancement Assistant
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