Year by Year

Freshman Year

Welcome to the Villa community. Meet Mission & Ministry, which centers itself on service, community, and spirituality.

Freshmen Retreat. Grow in community through reflection, fun, and prayer with your new Villa sisters.

Get involved. Consider joining the Community Service Corps to complete service projects.

Prayer. Come to the Chapel on Wednesday mornings for a student-led Prayer Service.

Mission. Familiarize yourself with the Mission of Villa and the Sisters of Saint Casimir, who founded our school.

Freshman Check-Ins. Meet with Mission & Ministry to check in on your transition to Villa. Our doors are always open for conversation and support

Seeking more. Offer your gifts and talents to serving at Mass or joining the Campus Ministry Team.

Sophomore Year

Try new things this year. More opportunities this year for you to deepen your experience of service and prayer…give something a try!

Self-Love Retreat. Join your sisters in reflection, learning, and prayer centered on loving yourself.

Service. Ignite a passion for service. Track your hours on Mobile Serve. Try out Twining Village or Sarnelli trips.

Pause. School, sports, clubs, work, family, and friends all make life busy. Make time to slow down, breathe, pray. Pause Retreats happen three times a year.

Sophomore Check-Ins. Another chance to chat. Ms. Hall & Mrs. McCarthy make great conversation partners, and their doors are always open.

Immersion. To deepen your experiences in community, service, and spirituality, participate in the Philly or Mt. Carmel Immersion trips.

Leadership. Campus Ministry Team and CRS Ambassadors are great places to seek formation and leadership opportunities.

Junior Year

Growth is always the goal. Your personal and unique spiritual journey continues. Grow in relationship with yourself, one another, and God.

Junior Retreat. Retreat takes the form of a Day of Service. Leave campus to serve others before returning to reflect and pray with your classmates.

Retreat again. Take a chance on one of the many optional retreats. Maybe Art or Nature is your thing. Maybe the idea of prayerful decision-making will call you to the Discernment Retreat.

Service. Continue serving an organization that you believe in. Grow in your relationships with those you serve.

Our Sisters. Get to know the Sisters of Saint Casimir on the Chicago Immersion. Learn about their ministries and their charism while staying at the Maria Kaupas Center.

Immersion. Experience many of the topics of social justice you are learning about in Theology III at Junior Immersion.

Lead. Find an empowering and fun position of the over 100 offered by Mission & Ministry each year.

Senior Year

Personal formation. Seek self-awareness and ownership in your faith. Dive in deep to what Villa has to offer.

Retreat far away. Get away from the chaos of daily life and breathe deep. Senior Retreat is a chance to gather together, to connect deeper, and to sense God’s presence all around you.

Deepen or begin. Take advantage of a Wednesday morning Prayer Service, participate in Mass, find a leadership role, attend an optional retreat, go on an immersion, seek deep conversations.

Come together again. Be together at the beginning of the end during the Vespers Retreat.

Lead. Share who you are with your classmates by leading any of the 3 class retreats.

Service. Turn your passion into your service. Try out a potential career path. Give more of yourself. Go above and beyond the required service.

Haiti. Immerse yourself in a new place. Meet new people. Expand your capacity to serve and to love. Deepen and challenge your faith.