Mission & Ministry Deadlines & Information

Here is an overview of the year in Mission & Ministry. For more details, look for specific events or ask Mrs. McCarthy and Ms. Hall.

Attention Sophomores:

Sophomores looking to sign up for their mandatory check-in with Mrs. McCarthy or Ms. Hall can click this link and sign up for only 1 time slot! You must come during your lunch and not miss class! Thank you!

Service Learning Record

Log your Villa Service Hours online!! 5 service hours are due by January 24th!

Follow this link to be taken there: vjm.strataapps.com and see below if you need instructions for how to log hours.

Applications & Interest Forms

Villa Day of Service (3/4/18) Interest Form - due 2/9/18

Past Applications:

Prayer & Liturgy Team Leader Application

Campus Ministry Publicist Application

Senior Retreat Leader & Vespers Retreat Leader Application

Sophomore Retreat Leader Application

Junior Immersion Application

Proposals for New Fundraisers

CRS Ambassador Application

Haiti Summer Immersion Student Leader Application

Junior Retreat Leader Application

Chicago Immersion Application (April 16-18, 2017)

Chicago Student Leader Application (must have previously traveled to Chicago with M&M)

Haiti Immersion Application (July or August 2018 - rising seniors only)

Permission Slips

The Office of Mission & Ministry now uses FamilyID for its permission slips. Please click the "FamilyID" button below to register and complete the information requested for any service opportunity with Mission & Ministry.

For Junior Retreat please fill out this specific FamilyID.

How to record your service hours:

Go to vjm.strataapps.com. To begin click "new registration" and enter your info. Your student number is the same you would use for Grade Connect -- except without the "VJ". For example: 2009123. Your password must include a special character, please write down your password to remember it!

After this, you’ll be directed to your student portal. To report new service through the site you’ll click the "add service" button and fill in the information about your service.

At this point you’ll be able to see the status of either pending, denied or approved. If your service is not with Ms. Hall or Mrs. McCarthy you will need to submit a photo for verification or get a signature from your supervisor.

To submit a verification picture, there is a button on every "new service" that says "upload image". The photo must be of the place you served, with clear identifying features! The signature form is right here (please cut and only turn in one!) or you can pick one up from outside Ms. Hall's office.

Mission & Ministry Office

Stephanie McCarthy
Director of Mission & Ministry
215-357-8810 ext. 126

Caroline Hall
Campus Minister
215-357-8810 ext. 131