Event Date: Friday, April 14, 2023
9:00 am–5:00pm
Launch Week begins March 6, 2023

Hope-A-Thon, Villa’s school-wide charity fundraiser, is a student-run dance marathon committed to raising awareness and funds for the Think Hope Foundation, which was created in Maria Middleton's memory. Hope-A-Thon continues to be dedicated to our angel, Maria '21, as she was one of the original co-founders/overall chairs and continues to inspire the leadership team and entire Villa community to be servant leaders in Hope-A-Thon and beyond.

The Hope-A-Thon overall chairs, along with Mrs. McCarthy and many student captains, have worked hard to ensure Hope-A-Thon’s success! They HOPE this event at Villa will continue to bring unity to the student body through one collective vision of Prayer, Service, Education, and Fundraising, while also fighting for a cause greater than themselves. All proceeds of our 2023 Hope-A-Thon event will go to Think Hope and Villa Scholarships in Maria's name. 

Think Hope is a non-profit foundation founded by Susan and Brian Middleton. Their goal is to unleash the power of hope in a world suffering from despair, one person at a time. “Think Hope” were the last words Maria Middleton wrote in her journal. Despite a devastating disease that took from Maria all of her considerable physical and mental capabilities, the last message she was physically able to write to us is a message of hope. It is in tribute to Maria’s indomitable faith and spirit that the Think Hope Foundation was created. Maria brought hope under a condition that would drive most to despair. Maria brought Unity, Love and Hope to every person and every community she touched. She was an antidote to the hopelessness and despair that seems to be plaguing the world. Think Hope is dedicated to carrying on Maria’s legacy of hope. It will accomplish Maria’s mission by funding ministries that:
  • provide Hope-filled classical education institutions that are committed to truth, beauty and goodness.
  • provide Hope on the streets ministry to those living in drug-infested neighborhoods.
  • help young people find Hope in discovering unique meaning and purpose for their lives.
  • bring the Hope of renewal to victims of trauma through healing programs.
  • bring Hope to the elderly and isolated.

As the foundation is in its beginning stages, Think Hope will continue to evolve, and more services are to come that will bring hope into the world. 

Mission & Ministry Office

Stephanie McCarthy
Director of Mission & Ministry
215-357-8810 ext. 126

Hope-A-Thon Overall Chairs


Julia Cassidy '23 
Lauren Braun '24 
Nora Fleming '24 
Grace Monaghan '24