Guidance Year by Year

Freshman Year

Challenge yourself. This is the time to hone/learn strong study skills, time management, and organizational attributes. Your GPA starts here!

Get involved. Clubs, sports, service, any activity that interests you! Colleges look for volunteerism and leadership positions as you progress.

Build your vocabulary. Increase language development through reading, particularly nonfiction.

Naviance. An introduction to this college/career Internet program is incorporated throughout the year. Parents receive account access, too.

Individual guidance appointments. These begin in the fall to ensure a smooth transition to Villa. Open door policy continues throughout the school year.

Individualized course selection sessions in the spring. Dialogue with your teachers and counselor regarding future course offerings and selections.

Sophomore Year

Continue to challenge yourself academically to perform well. The #1 piece of the college application is your transcript. Build a strong one.

Remain involved. Continue to develop your interests and leadership opportunities.

Take the PSAT. Prepare for the SAT by taking the PSAT at Villa. You'll experience standardized testing and receive feedback to develop an effective study plan.

Naviance. Your Naviance account continues to grow as more information, resume highlights, and interests are submitted.

Individual guidance appointments. These will continue this year. Open door policy remains in effect throughout the year.

Individualized course selection sessions in the spring. More electives allow for more opportunities during your Junior Year schedule.


Junior Year

Begin visiting colleges during holiday breaks and on weekends. Columbus Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend, President's Day Weekend, and Easter Break are a few of our extended breaks.

Take the PSAT. The PSAT will be administered again at Villa in October. Juniors are reviewed for the National Merit Scholar Program.

Register for the SAT/ACT by second semester. Consider taking one or both of these tests twice during Junior Year.

College Planning Night. Parents are invited to this event in March .

Guidance presentations. Guidance presents monthly and assists in all aspects of the college process and use of Naviance.

Individualized course selection sessions in the spring. Discuss college course recommendations when choosing Senior Year schedules.

Request formal teacher recommendations before the academic year is complete. Develop and write several drafts of your college essay during summer break.

Senior Year

Start during the summer. Visit colleges. Begin your Common Application. Take advantage of APPortunity Week at Villa in August.

Finalize your college essay. Remember to submit a Blue Sheet for each college to which you are applying (this allows your documents to be sent).

Financial Aid Workshop. Parents should attend this event in the fall.

Send your standardized test scores. Students are responsible for sending scores from all testing companies to the schools of your choice.

Be aware of all deadlines. Utilize your planner for college information, as well as daily assignments.

Individualized guidance appointments. Meet with your college counselor to discuss college choice, application process, and additional feedback.

Attend college presentations on campus. More than 100 colleges visit Villa each year. Re-network at the Jesuit Excellence College Tour.

Scholarships. Posted in Naviance.  Check links to scholarship information on Website.