Harnessing the power of a Villa education.

As a college-preparatory school, Villa focuses strongly on the goal of preparing every student for the rigors of studies at the college level. In addition, we offer a college counseling process that starts early and delivers an exceptional degree of individual support, helping ensure that each of our students finds a college destination that represents an excellent fit.

To that end, the Counseling Office is a support team that champions every girl, encouraging her to develop her individual strengths; assisting her in clarifying her goals, planning her future, and making critical decisions about college and career; and guiding her through the challenges that may arise in her pursuit of personal growth and academic excellence.

The Office aims to create a safe, trusting environment in which the student may become more fully aware of self – her unique gifts, needs, and responsibilities. Counseling staff members work in concert with parents to ensure a strong, effective partnership, while maintaining high ethical and professional confidentiality standards. Referrals to appropriate professionals will be made when deemed necessary for a student's well-being.

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Note: College Admissions Counselors may visit to schedule an appointment with our high school. Click here for our School Profile. 


Counseling Office

Anne Perez
Director of Counseling
215-357-8810 ext. 118

Linda Smith
School Counselor
215-357-8810 ext. 148

Paige McCloskey 
School Counselor
215-357-8810 ext. 109

Teresa Smeraglio
Counseling Assistant
215-357-8810 ext. 121

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