Mission and Money:
Where the magic happens

Villa is delighted to be named a grant recipient from the Ambassador’s Fund for Catholic Education, launching a one-of-a-kind competition. Selected students will interview industry leaders about how their faith informs boardroom decisions. Cases based on the interviews will serve as the foundation for a regional high school case study competition.

While common in university settings, Villa’s program will be the first of its kind at the high school level. The concept, inspired by the global leadership of the Sisters of St. Casimir, will provide an opportunity to showcase the power of a strong moral compass when making key leadership decisions. “Our Sisters are showcased as an example of what intentional, responsible, long-term planning looks like, and those skills are crucial for our students’ future success,” said Jeanne Frawley, Villa’s president.

Silos are all too common in educational institutions. Most educators have limited business experience, and most business leaders’ educational exposure is limited to their student experience. By opening lines of communication between the worlds of high school education and business, developing a cross-disciplinary program where students learn the positive impact of balancing mission and money, and building a repository of case studies for educators, this program will empower current Philadelphia-area teachers and future Catholic leaders, while helping Philadelphia become a national example for preparing future mission-driven leaders.

Faculty, staff, and students from Villa Joseph Marie and Malvern Prep, our partner in the grant, will organize the plan and write the cases. Twelve selected students will visit both non-profit and for-profit businesses in Philadelphia and Chicago to learn first-hand how successful leaders maintain their mission while managing the bottom line.

From there, Villa will host competitions in December and April for all interested high school teams. Competitions will be judged by representatives from businesses, colleges, and universities.

“Thanks to the generosity and vision of the Ambassador’s Fund, we’re able to extend this opportunity to the Greater Philadelphia Region,” said Frawley. “The networking, engagement with universities, and the ultimate delivery of an online case study library will all help develop ethical, purposeful future business leaders.”

Those interested in participating or sponsoring should stay tuned for more information coming soon!

The Ambassador’s Fund for Catholic Education has been a dedicated advocate for Catholic education in the Philadelphia region. Matthew H. McCloskey, Jr. (1893-1973), building contractor and U.S. Ambassador to Ireland (1962-64), created and funded the Archdiocesan Educational Fund in 1967 to advance Catholic education and evangelization throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This charitable organization changed its name to the Ambassador’s Fund for Catholic Education in February 2020.



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