Business BINGO

Receive a Bingo card of vendors. Shop at any of the vendors on the bingo card. When you make purchases at five businesses within the same row, column, or diagonally, you achieve bingo! (Participants will need to provide purchase receipts). All bingo winners will be entered into a drawing. One winner will then be selected randomly to receive a free purchase at one of the businesses they supported to achieve bingo (less than or equal to what you spent initially). We thank you for supporting businesses in Villa's family during this holiday season.

This event will kick-off on Small Business Saturday, November 28, 2020, and run for two weeks until Saturday, December 12, 2020

Alumnae Relations Office

Mary Beth Davis Walinskas '96
Alumnae Relations Manager
215-357-8810 ext. 208

Cathleen Murway
(Danielle '91, Jordan '20)
Alumnae Relations Assistant
215-357-8810 ext. 130