Why Villa

A Feeling of Family

Students, faculty, and staff at Villa know and care about each other. This is a small community, united by a strong feeling of warmth and support, where new students immediately feel welcome and classmates are like sisters. This homelike environment makes Villa an extraordinary place to learn and grow. Here, girls feel comfortable being themselves and being their best. Because students and teachers know and trust each other, they are able to teach and learn lessons of deep value in an unusually effective way.
Our Promise: At Villa, you will be welcomed from the start and will know you belong.

A Powerful Experience Fully Focused on Girls

Villa is a school for girls. It is our sole mission to meet girls’ educational needs, to teach to their many strengths and to create an environment in which they will thrive. This has been our commitment since 1932, and today we offer a model of single-sex learning validated in national research. At Villa, every student voice heard in class is a girl’s. Every standout performance, whether in science or sports or service, is a girl’s. Every student leader is a girl. And every expectation is that our girls will achieve on par with the best students anywhere.
Our Promise: As a Villa girl, you will have the freedom to be smart, be creative, be strong, be inspired, be friends, and be yourself.
An Excellent Academic Program

Villa offers each of its girls the chance to receive an educational experience second to none. Our program combines high expectations with an equally high degree of support. Three levels of coursework—Academic, Honors and Advanced Placement—ensure exactly the right challenge for every student, including the very best. Small classes, a low student-teacher ratio of just 8:1, and an exceptionally dedicated faculty all combine to create a personal learning experience. Extra help and extra challenges are always available; plus, many special opportunities meet students’ individual interests and talents. The Transcend Program—providing specialized one-on-one support to students diagnosed with mild learning disabilities—is unique among area girls schools.
Our Promise: At Villa, we will challenge you—and help you—to be your very best.
A Signature Commitment to Service
At Villa, we put our faith in action through service, helping people across our region and beyond. Whether our students and teachers are working in a soup kitchen or nursing home, volunteering with homeless people in Camden or children in Haiti, they interact directly with those they are helping. We prepare for these experiences and process them afterward through individual and group reflections, drawing insights about our world and ourselves. Community service stands out as Villa’s single most popular student activity, and one of our school’s greatest points of pride.

Our Promise: At Villa, you will grow as a person by caring for other people.

A Strong Foundation in Faith and Values
At Villa, our faith is at the heart of everything we do. We work every day to model the belief of the Sisters of St. Casimir in a life of faith, love, and service, and to live by the words of our Foundress, Mother Maria Kaupas: “Always more, Always better, Always with love.” Our active Campus Ministry program welcomes every student—of any religious background—to serve the community as part of her own spiritual journey. Highlights of spiritual life include the celebration of the liturgy, an excellent theology curriculum spanning all four years, and student-organized class retreats that are deeply meaningful and memorable.
Our Promise: At Villa, you will be guided and supported in your individual spiritual growth.
Outstanding Offerings in Arts, Athletics, and Student Activities
Every Villa girl has the chance to shine in many ways—as a scholar, an athlete, an artist, and a leader—and we celebrate achievements in all these realms. Our programs reflect a commitment to both quality and inclusiveness. The talented swimmer, soccer player, musician, or painter can pursue her passion to the fullest. At the same time, girls are fully supported in exploring interests that are completely new—much more so than is possible at most schools. Just as in the classroom, our signature strength is personal attention: the individual guidance and support of dedicated teachers, coaches and advisers.
Our Promise: At Villa, you will have the chance to develop all your many talents.
A Preparation for Life
Students leave Villa ready for the full range of challenges they will face in college, from writing clearly and persuasively to managing their time effectively. Our graduates—including those at the most competitive institutions—consistently report that their Villa experience provided them with a superior preparation. However, the impact of a Villa education goes far beyond college. Our alumnae speak about experiences of personal transformation— about the confidence they acquired here and the hunger for learning, about strengthening their foundation in faith and forming the most important friendships of their lives. This is the lasting power of a Villa education.
Our Promise: You will leave Villa with a strong sense of independence and confidence, ready for the challenges of higher education—and so much more.