Our Mission

Mission Statement
Villa Joseph Marie, a Catholic college-preparatory high school, empowers young women through faith, education, and service, in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Casimir.
Vision Statement
Villa creates an academically challenging environment within a nurturing community, helping young women discern who they are and who God calls them to be.
Inspired by the words of Mother Maria Kaupas, we work in the spirit of “Always more, always better, always with love.”


Our Philosophy

The students, faculty, and staff of Villa Joseph Marie comprise a vibrant community of learners who are committed to academic exploration and excellence. At Villa, our relatively small size and single-sex demographic form a stimulating and supportive environment that nurtures each individual's spiritual, scholastic, and personal growth, and empowers young women for responsible moral leadership. Additionally, our interactive instruction, cooperative learning environment, and committed investment in each student challenge each young woman at Villa to truly become the person God calls her to be.

Perhaps the most important element driving Villa's academic excellence is its status as an all-girls institution. Study after study affirms the benefits of this type of educational experience. Statistics validate the assertion that attending a single-sex institution greatly increases a young woman's potential to become a leader and to set and attain high personal and professional goals. At Villa, young women learn to think critically, to act collaboratively, to reason independently, and to develop leadership skills that focus on Christian values, inclusiveness, and responsibility to and for the common good.

The dedicated, dynamic educators at Villa Joseph Marie believe that teaching and student mentoring are the top priorities of education, and they fully embrace the school's Mission. The rigorous curriculum provides college-preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses designed to challenge each student to think critically, to express herself cogently, and to integrate and to apply information appropriately.

Villa's philosophy and approach to the education of young women moves beyond traditional classroom boundaries. Through active learning experiences, small group seminars, student-led discussions, and joint faculty/student research, students are personally challenged to become active, impassioned participants in their own education. Technology, independent research, and student-centered teaching facilitate the process of horizontal and vertical articulation. In addition, considerable dialogue among the departments assures interdisciplinary connectedness, while assemblies, field trips, and international travel opportunities underscore and enhance the educational experiences of the classroom.

In short, our philosophy is derived directly from the mission of our Foundress, Mother Maria Kaupas, to empower young women—as she was empowered—through faith, education, and service, and to give...